The Production Initiatives Association (PIA) advocates for a sustained and strong film industry throughout all of New York State with a keen focus on government relations for  New York State's film, television, and commercial production industry.  Our monthly events serve to inform, empower, and unite the business community with the latest news and insights from elected leaders and experts in the field.


We are equally dedicated to our community impact initiatives in order to leverage the skills and resources to serve the greater good for all citizens of New York. PIA invites you to join us to expand our capabilities to address climate change, social justice and create a corps of volunteers on standby to aid New Yorkers in times of crisis.

We believe new leadership and a reimagined vision of the future are essential to share the burden of changing needs, challenges, and opportunities in film and television.

UPcoming Events

March 2021

What's your story?We want to paint a full picture of the impact of COVID-19 on the entertainment industry, survival and pivot stories.  The focus is innovation, resilience and how things will stay the same and what's changed forever.

What is your pandemic pivot story? What innovations did your business employ to survive? 

Has the pandemic changed your business model for good?


Newel Props
TV Tech Managers
LeNoble Lumber
Shattered Prism
Be Electric
Marshark Craft
Earth Angel
Upriver Studios
Below the Line Production Services
ArtCube Nation
Green Idle
Safeguard Agency
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